TE Connectivity Motorman Shroud Series

Motorman shroud

TE Connectivity (TE) Motorman hybrid connectors are designed for power and signal connectivity to servo motors. Decentralized servo motors are widely used in many industries and are typically connected via a centralized system and power-fed by a separate cable. Recently, motors have become increasingly networked via Fast Ethernet, which offers the benefits of real-time control; however, this does not solve the issue of dual cabling required for signal and power. TE’s Motorman shroud is a connector that integrates communication, signal and power transmission for motors within a compact rectangular connector. It offers two fast Ethernet connectors with the full benefits of real-time control. This will help to reduce cabling complexity. The new Motorman shroud provides a secondary locking feature to secure the connector, and helps enable quick connectivity to control cabinets.


TE Connectivity Motorman Shroud


Features Applications
  • Help enable simple diagnostic access through easy-to-open side enclosure
  • Save time with easy system configuration
  • Help lower applied costs with TE’s MCON interconnection system and stamped multiple-contact-points inserts
  • Enable use in harsh environments with robust metal enclosure and IP65 protection
  • Help save money with availability of plastic enclosure for less critical purposes
  • Comply with industry standard of 2 x Cat 5e (ISO/IEC11801) to enable digital communication for decentralization of servo motors on the factory floor
  • I/O connection to de-central servo motors
  • I/O connection to AC servo motors with PCB
  • I/O connection to cabinets and panels
  • Drivers (amplifiers)
  • Packaging, assembly, woodworking or food processing machines
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