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TE Connectivity’s connectors are engineered to reliably transmit data, power, and signal in the harshest of environments, under the most extreme use. They are manufactured to reduce application size and power usage while enabling increased performance in your industrial application. Not sure where to start? Get in touch with our technical specialists to discuss your requirements in detail.

Heavy duty connectors

TE Connectivity's heavy duty connectors are a reliable solution for use in harsh environments covering protection degrees up to IP 69k, with a current rating of 10 A to 200 A and up to 216 contacts.



M8/M12 connector system

The TE Connectivity M8/M12 connector system provides a full solution that includes connectors, IO modules, and cable assemblies. Decrease installation and tooling costs with TE's field installable connectors.



Motorman hybrid connectors

Motorman hybrid connectors from TE Connectivity integrate the communication, signal and power transmission of locally controlled motors within a single compact rectangular connector.


Industrial Mini I/O connectors

The TE Connectivity Industrial Mini I/O connector provides increased reliability and vibration resistance at a quarter the size of an RJ45.


Industrial RJ45 Cat6A plugs

TE Connectivity’s latest Industrial IP20 RJ45 Cat. 6A plug is based upon “common core” technology, a platform technology used in the entire industrial RJ45 product family.


Industrial RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics

Industrial RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics offer a highly integrated connectivity solution - from the cable to the physical layer - for Industrial Ethernet.


Dynamic series

TE Connectivity’s Dynamic series connector solutions range from signal level circuitry to power circuit connectivity – all in a ruggedised, industrialised package.


Industrial USB connectors

TE Connectivity's industrial USB connectors are ideal for all industrial USB applications where a high locking force or a sealed design for the use in industrial applications is required.


TE sensors are vital to the next generation of data-driven technology. As the need for industrial robotic automation advances, sensing technology will continue to be the foundation for data collection that will help transform manufacturing floors into connected, cost effective, and reliable facilities. Need advice on sensor selection? Get in touch with our technical specialists to discuss your design in detail.

M5600 series pressure sensors

TE Connectivity's modular M5600 wireless pressure transducer is enclosed in a stainless steel and polycarbonate housing.



TDS305 series digital thermopile sensors

TE Connectivity TSD305 series digital thermopile sensors include an infrared sensor and integrated signal conditioner. These thermopile sensors can directly interface with micro-controllers through an I2C interface.



DOG2 series position sensors

The DOG2 MEMS-Series inclinometer with CAN J1939 output signal is a dual axis tilt sensor with a focus on platform leveling, dynamic engine management, tip-over protection, and tilt alarm.


M5800 series digital display transducer

TE Connectivity's M5800 digital display transducer offers visualised pressure value readings for demanding , harsh applications. The 310° rotatable display enables easy viewing and on-demand adjustment.


AD101 series air bubble detector

TE Connectivity has developed the air bubble detector series for non-invasive continuous monitoring of liquids for bubble detection.


GA10K series temperature sensors

TE Connectivity GA10K NTC thermistors feature a zero power resistance of 10kohm at 25° and a fast response time.


HTU2 series humidity sensors

The TE Connectivity HTU2 sensors series senses true relative humidity and temperature to provide excellent performance and value.


Antennas play an important role in Industrial IOT applications, but as market growth demands more antennas in smaller spaces, it is easy to see how developers can sometimes get tripped up. When you are faced with the complexity of antenna design, Avnet Abacus and TE Connectivity can offer you invaluable support, guiding you to a solution that’s right first time. Get in touch with our technical specialists to discuss your design in detail.

Metaspan antennas

Learn more about TE Connectivity’s MetaSpan antennas, which address customers’ increasing needs for more compact components in smaller, lower profile devices.


Multi-Band cellular antenna

Learn more about TE Connectivity’s multi-band LTE/cellular standard antennas, designed for 698-960, 1710-2170 and 2300-2700 MHz applications.


GNSS antennas

Antennas for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) allow the reception of positioning information sent out by satellites in the orbit. A GNSS transceiver chip will process the received signals and then calculate the current position.


M2M MiMo series antennas

TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the M2M MiMo LTE antenna range.


Standard external antennas

TE’s new standard portfolio of external antennas makes wireless connections more reliable by using a range of multi-band antennas for individual device configurations.


Board level shielding

Board level EMI shields from TE Connectivity are stamped one-piece and two-piece metal cages that help provide isolation of board level components, minimise crosstalk, and reduce EMI susceptibility without impacting system speed.


RF and Coax connectors

TE Connectivity RF and coax connectors feature impedance-matched designs and microminiature interfaces, with the ruggedness to help withstand high-use in harsh environments.


Wireless platforms

Whether cellular, low-power or RFID, wireless is an essential element of Industry 4.0. An antenna must be carefully selected and matched to the application and the environment where it is to be used.


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