Avnet Abacus is an authorised TE Connectivity distributor throughout Europe.

TE Connectivity is a global technology leader offering connectivity solutions that are essential in today's increasingly connected world. TE collaborates with engineers to transform their concepts into creations - refining what's possible using intelligent, efficient and high performing TE products and solutions proven in harsh environments.

You have potential. We'll give you a lift!

Most startups face a long and exciting journey from idea to product, and from product to market. It can be fraught with complications ranging from finding the right components to designing for manufacturability to creating a supply chain when your product takes off globally.

Armed with decades of experience scaling hardware and engineering expertise, Avnet and TE Connectivity can help you get your idea to market.

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Designing with pressure sensors webinar

Discover the keys to designing pressure sensor applications with this 30-minute technical presentation and Q&A with Luke Smith, Avnet Abacus' Product Manager, and Nicholas Argyle, Applications Engineer EMEA, TE Connectivity.

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TE Connectivity Products and Solutions

Learn more about the latest products and solutions from TE Connectivity.


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Sensors from TE Connectivity

Discover TE Connectivty's sensor solutions for a wide range of applications across multiple industries and applications including medical, appliance, aerospace and defence, gas and oil and consumer electronics.

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TE Connectivity USB Cable Assemblies Spotlight

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TE Connectivity

Standard copper USB 4-position plug, A – B cable assemblies

TE Connectivity’s USB 4-position plug standard copper cable assemblies are a ready made USB solution for a range of data transmission, and peripheral connectivity applications.

TE Connectivity MS4 AmbiMate Series Spotlight

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TE Connectivity

MS4 AmbiMate sensor module

TE Connectivity has launched the MS4 AmbiMate sensor module for motion, light, temperature and humidity monitoring.

TE Connectivity MS4 AmbiMate sensor module

TE Connectivity HTU21D and MS5637 BLE Wireless Sensor TAG Demo V1.1 - Product Spotlight

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TE Connectivity

HTU21D and MS5637 BLE wireless sensor

TE Connectivity introduces the sensor tag demo V1.1 reporting humidity, temperature and barometric pressure through a standard low power 2.4GHz wireless communication protocol. Samples are available to request from Avnet Abacus now.

TE connectivity 2D Crimp Technology Spotlight

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TE connectivity

2D Crimp Technology

TE Connectivity’s new 2D crimp technology, compared to existing crimp technologies significantly reduces the complexity of design-in, assembly, procurement and inventory management in appliances, industrial equipment and automotive applications.

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