Small & Powerful. TDK's µPOL™ DC-DC Converter

TDK's FS1406 µPOL™ DC-DC converter, supplying 15W in a 3.3x3.3x1.5mm package

The small and powerful solution for powering your FPGAs

The FS1406 is an easy-to-use, fully integrated and highly efficient micro-point-of-load (µPOL™) voltage regulator. The on-chip pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller and integrated MOSFETs, plus incorporated inductor and capacitors, result in an extremely compact and accurate regulator. The compact, low-profile package measures in at a tiny 3.3mm x 3.3mm x 1.5mm and is suitable for automated assembly using standard surface-mount equipment.

Developed by a cross-functional engineering team, the design exemplifies best practice and uses class-leading technologies. From early in the integrated circuit design phase, designers worked with application and packaging engineers to select compatible technologies and implement them in ways that reduce compromise. The ability to program aspects of the FS1406’s operation using the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) protocol is unique in this class of product. Developing and optimizing all of these elements together has yielded the smallest, most efficient and fully featured 6A µPOL™ currently available.

The built-in protection features include pre-biased start-up, soft-start protection, over-voltage protection, thermally compensated over-current protection with hiccup mode, thermal shut-down with auto-recovery.

Module samples are available, subject to project evaluation.

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FS1406 and FS1403

Download the FS1406 and FS1403 series µPOL™ buck regulator datasheets for full technical and design specifications.

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Evaluation boards are available for all fixed voltage models. Request a demo from a technical specialist to test the µPOL™ with your application.

TDK FS1406 evaluation board

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  • Storage applications
  • Telecom and networking applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Server applications
  • Distributed point-of-load power architectures
  • Computing peripheral voltage regulation
  • General DC-DC conversion
Model Number Fixed VOUT I/O max Evaluation board
FS1403-3300-AL 3.30V 3A EV1403-5000-A
FS1403-3300-AS 3.30V 3A
FS1403-5000-AL 5.0V 3A
FS1403-5000-AS 5.0V 3A
FS1404-2500-AL 2.50V 4A EV1404-3300-A
FS1404-2500-AS 2.50V 4A
FS1404-3300-AL 3.30V 4A
FS1404-3300-AS 3.30V 4A
FS1406-0600-AL 0.60V 6A EV1406-1800-A
FS1406-0600-AS 0.60V 6A
FS1406-0700-AL 0.70V 6A
FS1406-0700-AS 0.70V 6A
FS1406-0750-AL 0.75V 6A
FS1406-0750-AS 0.75V 6A
FS1406-0800-AL 0.80V 6A
FS1406-0800-AS 0.80V 6A



  • µPOL™ package with output inductor included
  • Small size: 3.3mm x 3.3mm x 1.5mm
  • Continuous 6A load capability
  • Plug and play: no external compensation required
  • Programmable operation using the I2C serial bus (fast mode and fast mode plus)
  • Wide input voltage range: 4.5–16V for single supply and 2.5-16V for dual supply
  • Adjustable output voltage: 0.6–2.5V, ±0.5% initial accuracy
  • Enabled input, programmable under-voltage lock-out (UVLO) circuit
  • Open-drain power-good indicator
  • Built-in protection features
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to +125°C
  • Lead-free and halogen-free
  • Compliant with EU Directives REACH and RoHS 6 
  • Evaluation boards on all fixed voltages available
Model Number Fixed VOUT I/O max Evaluation board
FS1406-0900-AL 0.90V 6A EV14061800-A
FS1406-0900-AS 0.90V 6A
FS1406-1000-AL 1.0V 6A
FS1406-1000-AS 1.0V 6A
FS1406-1050-AL 1.05V 6A
FS1406-1050-AS 1.05V 6A
FS1406-1100-AL 1.10V 6A
FS1406-1100-AS 1.10V 6A
FS1406-1200-AL 1.20V 6A
FS1406-1200-AS 1.20V 6A
FS1406-1800-AL 1.10V 6A
FS1406-1800-AS 1.80V 6A
FS1406-2500-AL 2.50V 6A
FS1406-2500-AS 2.50V 6A