B82721K2xUx series EPCOS ring-core chokes

The B82721K2*U* series of EPCOS ring-core double chokes is designed especially for use in home appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, refrigerators and heating control units. The RoHS-compatible power line chokes use a plastic (flame-retardant, compliant with UL 94 V-0) with a CTI value of 600 that is certified in accordance with IEC 60335-1, clause 30 (glow-wire and ball pressure test), and the complete encapsulation of the winding allows it to be used in environments with the highest degree of pollution.

The new chokes are designed for a rated voltage of 250 V AC and the range of inductance values extends from 0.4 µH to 47 µH. Depending on the inductance, their rated currents range from 0.4 A to 2.8 A, while the rated ambient temperature is +70 °C. The dimensions for all versions are 13.2 mm x 18.2 mm x 20 mm.

The components have been certified by UL and VDE according to corresponding component standards (UL 1283, IEC 60938-2).

 New EPCOS current-compensated ring-core chokes for home appliances.


Features Applications
  • High resonance frequency due to special winding technique
  • Approx. 1% stray inductance for symmetrical interference suppression
  • Completely potted for local reduction of pollution degree (micro-environment)
  • Suitable for wave soldering
  • Plastic material approved to EN 60335-1 (VDE 0700-1) clause 301)
  • Design complies with EN 60938-2 (VDE 0565-2)
  • UL2) and ENEC (VDE) approvals
  • RoHS-compatible
  • Suppression of common-mode interferences
  • Switch-mode power applications
  • Household appliances ("white goods")
  • Heating control systems
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