Samtec Flyover Copper Cable Assemblies

Flyover copper cable assemblies

As bandwidth requirements rapidly increase, routing signals through lossy PCBs, vias and other components has become one of the most complex challenges designers face. Samtec’s “Flyover” design approach breaks the constraints of traditional signalling substrate and hardware offerings, resulting in a cost-effective, high-performance answer to the challenges of 28 Gbps bandwidths and beyond.

Samtec direct connect cable system is a cost effective solution for high-speed boardto-board or flyover applications. The high retention press fit termination provided direct attach to the PCB eliminating the additional cost of board-level connectors.

The direct attach flyover QSFP28 cable assembly flies critical high-speed signals over the PCB for improved and extended signal integrity.

Samtec Flyover Copper Cable Assemblies

Features and benefits

Direct connect cable system - high speed press fit cable assembly Flyover QSFP28 cable system
  • No board mating connectors required
  • High retention press fit termination directly to the PCB
  • Mutiple end 2 options available
  • 32 AWG Eye Speed® twinax cable
  • 2.00 mm pitch
  • 100 ohm differential pair signal routing
  • Performance up to 15 GHz
  • Coplanar, right angle and parallel board-toboard applications
  • Flyover applications simplify PCB design and limit signal degradation
  • Extraction tool available
  • 28+ Gbps high-speed performance (FQSFP Series
  • Backward compatible with all QSFP cable assemblies
  • Eye Speed® 30 AWG 100 ohm twinax cable
  • Press-fit tails for low speed signals/power to PCB
  • No re-timers required for reduced cost and power consumption
  • Improved thermal dissipation by allowing ICs to be placed in preferred locations
  • Multiple end 2 options available
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