PUI Audio PMM-3738-WP-2-R Series

PMM-3738-WP-2-R MEMS Microphone

The piezoelectric MEMS microphone from PUI Audio follows the design of traditional capacitive MEMS microphones, trapping air between layers, PUI Audio’s piezoelectric MEMS diaphragm travels freely with sound making for improved fidelity and noise-rejection. The full range PMM-3738-WP-R features a 100 Hz to 10 kHz frequency response to cover 95% of the audio band, while wind noise on the PMM-3738-WP-2-R is limited due to a smart 250 Hz roll-off — perfect for automotive and outdoor applications.

Capacitive MEMS are also notorious for degraded performance due to dust and water ingress —losing up to 80% of sensitivity, if not failing completely. PUI Audio’s MEMS microphone is dustproof and waterproof (IP68 rated), without the use of performance degrading mesh, and is built with better unit-to unit consistency for array applications.


PUI Audio PMM-3738-WP-2-R MEMS Microphone
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