N50 mini speakers - built for high-fidelity

PUI Audio's N50 Mini Speakers are purpose-built for high-fidelity, full-range output, maximum SPL, and as small a size as possible.

Each speaker is carefully crafted using a high-grade N50 neodymium magnet for an unprecedented amount of drive energy, premium cone and surround for the best sound quality, a and multi-spoke polymer frame that prevents power compression while allowing heat to dissipate off of the voice coil.

The 18mm diameter AS01808PR-N50-R features a paper cone and S-roll foam surround for classic tone and high power handling (conservatively rated at 2 watts, 2.8 watts peak).

PUI Audio’s 22mm diameter AS02204MR-N50-R features a unique eight leaf poly cone and tangential surround design to minimize resonances, creating flat frequency response from 300 Hz out to 20 kHz. Integrated 32 AWG lead wires allow for easy installation. 2 watt rated input power, 2.5 watts peak.

PUI Audio is pleased to announce a new lineup of High Fidelity N50 Mini Speakers.

Truly in a league of its own, the 25mm AS02504PR-N50-R reproduces music and voice with the subtle nuances found in audiophile speakers, because of its excellent damping characteristics, due to the natural paper cone mated to the synthetic rubber surround.

Measuring only 7.5mm thick, the 28mm diameter AS02804PR-N50-R generates over 76 dB of output at 1 meter with 3 watts of input power. HiFi sound quality results from the use of a paper cone and treated foam surround. Four openings on the back plate create forced-air cooling.

A distinctive silver poly cone on the AS03104MR-N50-R offers moisture resistance, while the foam surround provides progressive damping for low distortion and flat frequency response from 200 Hz to 20 kHz. Twin frame supports makes placement and mounting simple; solder terminals make wire termination easy.

A black poly dome-capped paper diaphragm combines with a rubber surround for moisture resistance on the AS03604MR-N50-R. High power handling (conservatively rated at 5 watts, 6 watts peak) is achieved through the use of a cupped spider. 2.5mm of excursion allows for great midbass response down to 150 Hz (even lower in a tuned-port enclosure).

The AS04004MR-N50-R is built with a silver poly convex-capped paper diaphragm, rubber surround, and a cupped spider. This speaker is a great choice for tuned-port enclosures to augment the bass response. A Kapton® former reduces moving mass for high sensitivity and 84 dB of output at 0.5m with 1W of input power.

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