Premier Magnetics TOPSwitch-HX Transformers

TOPSwitch-HX transformers

The Premier Magnetics POL-HXxxx line of off-line switch mode transformers is designed specifically for use with Power Integrations's HX series switcher controllers, and together in the design of their standard off-line AC-DC flyback power supplies. This conversion topology can accept universal 90-265 VAC input and deliver single and mulitple isolated outputs with high efficiencies under all load conditions.

The Premier Magnetics, Inc.'s POL-HXxxx line of Transformers are designed specifically for use with Power Integrations, Inc. HX series lineup of switcher controllers.

Features and benefits

  • Designed for use with Power Intergrations, Inc. TOPSwitch-HX switch mode power supply Controller Family
  • Designed to meet UL/IEC 60950 Safety Standards.
  • Designed to meet Class B insulation.
  • Multiple configurations.
  • Design Engineering Support Available
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