Premier Magnetics PM-R drum core inductors

Premier Magnetics, global producer of high-quality magnetic components, introduces its new line of low-cost, high-performance drum core inductors designed for EMI filtering and switch mode power supply applications. With a product offering of over two dozen models with inductance values from 100 to 10,000 µH, the new PM-R Series boasts low dc resistance (DCR), providing low temperature rise at high peak currents. Their combination of high peak current and high self-resonant frequency (SRF) make the PM-R Series inductors an ideal drop-in replacement for lower-performing drum core devices. And in applications where the devices’ maximum height of 10.0 to11.5 mm is acceptable, the PM-R Series offers a cost-effective alternative to surface-mount inductors.    
Premier Magnetics’ PM-R drum core inductors are offered in two series, PM-R2 (7.5 mm, dia. x 10.0 high, max) and PM-R3 (9.5 mm, dia. x 11.5 high, max), each offering models with a range of 100 µH to10 mH. Both series of inductors are available with sleeving (+125°C); and without sleeving (+155°C). Standard operating temperature range is -40C to 130C, with higher temperatures available. The radial-leaded components are RoHS compliant. 
“The new PM-R drum core inductors are an optimal choice in applications that need a low-cost solution in a size that can be manipulated to fit into tight spaces,” said Jim Earley, President of Premier Magnetics. “These devices perform particularly well in high peak-current applications.”

Premier Magnetics PM-R series Drum Cores for EMI Filtering and Switch Mode Power Supplies Avnet Abacus
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