PMCU AC-line common mode choke filters

Following the discontinuation of Murata's PLA and PLY series of AC-line filters, Avnet Abacus is able to offer replacement solutions from the Premier Magnetics PMCU range. 

Premier Magnetics is Avnet Abacus' main source for customer specific switch mode power supply transformers and chokes for Power Integration's power managment ICs. Use the cross-reference below to find the appropriate replacement parts, which you can purchase on the webstore.

Alternatively, speak to one of our technical specialists and request samples by visiting the Ask an Expert page.

Equivalent Premier Magnetics parts for Murata PLA-PLY filters

Murata Electronics Part No. Premier Magnetics Equivalent Part No.
PLA10AN3030R4R2B PMCU-6007
PLA10AS1030R7R2B PMCU-6017
PLA10AN1030R7R2B PMCU-6017
PLA10AN4330R3R2B PMCU-6003
PLA10AN1522R0R2B PMCU-6041
PLA10AN3630R3D2B PMCU-7001
PLA10AN2230R4D2B PMCU-7005
PLA10AN5521R0R2B PMCU-6023
PLA10AS2030R5R2B PMCU-6011
PLA10AN2030R5R2B PMCU-6011
PLA10AS3630R3D2B PMCU-7001
PLA10AN7420R8R2B PMCU-6019
PLA10AS4330R3R2B PMCU-6003
PLA10AS3030R4R2B PMCU-6007
PLA10AS1522R0R2B PMCU-6041
PLA10AN1330R5D2B PMCU-7009
PLA10AS5521R0R2B PMCU-6023
PLA10AN3021R3R2B PMCU-6029
PLA10AN7720R7D2B PMCU-7015
PLA10AS7420R8R2B PMCU-6019
PLA10AN1230R6R2B PMCU-6013
PLA10AS7720R7D2B PMCU-7015
PLY10AN4321R0R2B No alternative yet
PLY10AN1130R5D2B No alternative yet
PLA10AS1230R6R2B PMCU-6013
PLY10AN3521R0D2B No alternative yet
PLA10AS1330R5D2B PMCU-7009
PLH10AN2211R5P2B No alternative yet
PLH10AS7003R6P2B No alternative yet
PLA10AS3621R0D2B PMCU-7021
PLY10AN9012R0R2B No alternative yet
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