Panasonic Hybrid Aluminium Electrolytic

Conductive polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors

Panasonic hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors combine the low ESR characteristics of polymer capacitors with the low leakage current of aluminium electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors feature a compact design, as well as high reliability and endurance, and can be used in automotive, industrial, ICT and home appliance applications.


Samples are available to order from Premier Farnell.

Bel Power Solutions MELCHER rugged 3U cassettes


Features Applications  
  • Low ESR 
  • Low leakage 
  • Compact design
  • Rated W.V. range (V.DC): From 25 to 80 
  • Nominal cap. range (μF): From 10 to 470
  • High reliability of the specialty polymer capacitor
  • Category temperature range: From -55 to +145 
  • Endurance (h): From 1000 to 4000
  • Automotive
    - Safety
    - Infotainment
  • ICT
    - Tablets / notebooks / desktop PCs
    - Base stations
    - Servers / data centres
    - SSD
    - USB charge / non-contact charge
  • Home appliances
  • Medical equipment



  • Industrial infrastructure
    - PLCs / industrial PCs
    - Motor drivers / inverters
    - FA equipment
    - Measuring instruments
    - Power supplies
    - HEMS / BEMS / FEMS
    - Smart meters
    - Security camera
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