Panasonic Electric Works DJ-H Series

DJ-H power relay series

New 50A latching relay DJ-H for building automation and IoT (Internet of Things)

Panasonic’s new DJ-H 50A latching relay for switching actuators handles highest inrush currents created by lighting applications in the IoT and for building automation.

The relay is easy to install and is equipped with a manual lever for control by electrical service personnel. It complies to IEC 60669-1 regulations and can handle highest inrush currents up to 400A by capacitive load types. Due to its internal structure and contact material, the relay switches 50A at 277V AC (resistive load) and is certified for fluorescent lamp loads acc. to IEC 60669-1 at 200µF/20A & 250V AC.


Panasonic Electric Works DJ-H Series Power Relay


Features   Applications
  • Clearance/ creepage distances btw. coil/ contact > 10mm
  • High inrush capability
    • Tungsten load (TV-20 class)
    • Electronic ballast load (NEMA410)
    • Capacitive load (IEC60669-1)
  • Activation control power 1W (1-coil-latching type)
  • Maximum switching voltage 480V AC at 25A
  • Reinforced insulation
  • Size: 39 x 15 x 33mm (l x w x h)
  • Supports manual operation
    • Manual switch type available
  • Smart house (shutter and blind control)
  • Lighting control 

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