Omron D6F Series MEMS Flow Sensors

D6F series MEMS flow sensors

The D6F MEMS sensor chip features two sets of thermopiles located on either side of a tiny heater element. They measure the deviations in heat symmetry caused by gas flowing in either direction. A thin layer of insulating film protects the sensor chip from exposure to the gas. The sensor’s tiny size (1.5 mm x 1.5 mm x 0.4 mm) makes it easy to install in any system. It is highly reliable, giving stable results even when exposed to wind turbulence, pressure drop, pulsation and temperature variations.

Omron’s digital flow sensors are developed for differential pressure measurement with extremely high accuracy and repeatability. They use temperature compensation to ensure stable measurement over a wide temperature range (-20°C to 80°C). Sensing is bi-directional and output is via ASIC algorithms and a digital I2C interface. Their high flow impedance reduces the influence of bypass configuration, and the flow path is designed to allow a compact size. They can be provided with a range of additional functions, including temperature measurement, failure detection and sensor address setting.

Digital flow sensors are designed for applications where stability and high precision are essential requirements. These include industrial machines like air compressors and HVAC systems, where they are used for variable air valve control, heat recovery systems, clogged filter monitoring and air pressure control. They are also used in fuel cells, where fuel (natural gas) and air quantities must be accurately measured for optimal efficiency and system durability.

D6F series MEMS flow sensors


Features Applications
  • Temperature compensation and linear compensation produce: ~3% RD; 25% to 100% FS
  • Compact models: 10 to 70 L/min
  • Reduced piping work with quick-fastening feature
  • Air 
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