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The latest achievements in field of MOSFET relays allow the creation of advanced industry designs with fewer compromises than ever. MOSFET relays are modern electronic components used in all kinds of equipment, spanning test and measurement, the energy industry, factory automation, residential and commercial buildings and medical devices. They are often essential to the performance of communication equipment and offer important benefits for the design of office equipment and entertainment devices.

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Circuit design with MOSFET relays

Watch Omron’s MOSFET webinar with Element 14.

Omron G3VM-66M Series MOSFET Relays Spotlight

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G3VM-66M series MOSFET relays

The G3VM-66M MOSFET relay from Omron is available in a module package with SPDT (1c) contacts. G3VM-66M relays are ideal for interface boards and resource cards in semiconductor test equipment.

Omron G3VM-UV Series VSON-R Spotlight

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G3VM-UV series VSON(R)

The G3VM-21UV11/51UV/61UV relays are voltage driven type MOSFET relays in a VSON package

Omron G3VM-61VY3 and G3VM6VR Series MOSFET Relays Spolight

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G3VM-61VY3 and G3VM6VR series MOSFET relays

Omron's G3VM-61VY3 and G3VM6VR series of MOSFET relays are to replace the G3VM-61G1 and G3VM-61GR1 respectively.



The G3VM-101HR2 MOSFET relay takes the control of high current circuits closer to mechanical relay levels.

Omron G3VM-41QR10 Series MOSFET Relays Spotlight

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G3VM-41QR10 series MOSFET relays

Omron's G3VM-41QR10 is the series of low CxR MOSFET relays in an ultra-small S-VSON(L) package high density mounting.



The G3VM-401DY MOSFET relays with dielectric strength of 5,000VAC between input/output in a small DIP4 package are also available with other load voltages.

Omron G3VM 61G2 and G3VM G3 MOSFET Spotlight

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G3VM 61G2 and G3VM G3

Omron G3VM 61G2 and G3VM G3 MOSFET relays ultrasensitive type relays are suitable for many energy-saving and battery-driven devices used in building automation systems.

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