Selecting the right sensing solutions for IoT and smart city applications


Discover how selecting the right IoT sensors can ensure reliability and accuracy when implementing new automatic environmental response systems.

The emergence of the Internet of Things has changed the way engineers approach environmental control systems. It is now easier than ever to control the direct and indirect environmental factors to which housing, urban areas, or industrial plants are subject, through cloud-based solutions, thresholds and automatic response procedures. Sensors play a key role in these systems, gathering the data from which intelligent decisions can be made by a central control system.

Hosted by Martin Keenan, Avnet Abacus’ Technical Director, with a technical presentation from Gabriele Fulco, European Product Marketing Manager Sensors, Omron, this webinar will provide an overview of OMRON sensor technologies, with an in-depth look at sensor types, use cases and system integration.

Topics covered

  • OMRON Electronic Components
  • Sensor solutions
    • Environmental sensors
    • Air quality sensors
    • Facial recognition sensors
  • Use cases
  • Product roadmaps
  • Q&A



Presented by

Gabriele Fulco, European Product Marketing Manager Sensors

Gabriele has nearly 15 years experience in the electronics industry having graduated with a degree in electronic engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 2004. He joined Omron in 2006 as a product engineer following roles with STMicroelectronics and Carlo Gavazzi Space Group. In 2015 he assumed the role of product marketing manager for Omron's sensor business. 

About Omron

Founded in 1933, Omron is a global leader in electromechanical and sensing technology. Its sensor portfolio includes MEMS sensing for pressure, flow, vibration and thermal. Its switch range includes tact, rocker & microswitches, and DIP. A full range of relays is also offered including solid state, power, signal and automotive.

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Sensors product highlights from Omron

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B5W-LD series compact air quality sensors

The Omron B5W-LD0101-1/2 series compact air quality sensor features an optical design and can detect particles down to 0.5μm utilising its LED light source.

Omron 2SMPB Barometric Sensors Product Spotlight

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2SMPB barometric pressure sensors

2SMPB-02B and 2SMPB-02E sensors provide stable, reliable height and pressure measurements for changes in elevation of as little as 2m, making them ideal for drones, car navigation and altitude meters.

Omron release two new Barometric Sensors for battery operated mobile devices.

Omron Prewired Photomicrosensors Spotlight

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Prewired photomicrosensors

Prewired photomicrosensors reduce the total cost of production by making wiring easier. A wide variety of prewired products is available to fit many different sensing distance, output configuration and aperture design requirements.

Omron HVC-P2 B5T-007001 image sensor Product Spotlight

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HVC-P2 B5T-007001 image sensor

The HVC-P2 B5T-007001 from Omron is a built-in human condition recognition unit dubbed a ‘Human Vision Components’ (HVC) system, with a maximum recognition speed 10 times greater than that of previous models.

Omron B5W Series Product Spotlight

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B5W light convergent reflective sensor

Omron introduces the B5W light convergent reflective sensor that can reliably identify mirrored, transparent, diffuse and other hard to detect surfaces.

Omron Electronic Components introduce B5W light convergent reflective sensor.

Omron SMD Photomicrosensors Spotlight

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SMD photomicrosensors

Omron’s SMD photomicrosensors reduce assembly time by eliminating a separate soldering step. Instead, the SMD can be mounted by reflow soldering with other components.

Omron 2JCIE-BL01 environment sensor Product Spotlight

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2JCIE-BL01 environment sensor

The new 2JCIE-BL01 environment sensor from Omron combines seven sensors in a 46 x 39 x 15mm package for accurate assessment of environmental conditions in home, office, factory and outdoor applications.


D7E-3 series tilt sensors

D7E product series are automatically resetting sensors with market proven reliability, suitable for applications as for example emergency switch to detect unexpected shock, correct orientation or earthquake impact.


2SMPP series miniature pressure sensor

Measuring only 6.1 mm × 4.7 mm × 8.2 mm, Omron’s tiny 2SMPP pressure sensor combines low temperature influence, small offset and span voltage variation and low power consumption.


D7S series vibration sensors

The D7S vibration sensor is the world’s smallest class size seismic sensors and helps prevent fire and other secondary disasters after an earthquake.

Omron Connector-Type Photomicrosensors Spotlight

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Connector-type photomicrosensors

Omron’s connector-type PMS eliminates the need to design a PC board. As there is only one part, costs and assembly time are reduced.

Omron D6F Series MEMS Flow Sensors Spotlight

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D6F series MEMS flow sensors

The D6F MEMS sensor chip features two sets of thermopiles located on either side of a tiny heater element. They measure the deviations in heat symmetry caused by gas flowing in either direction.