Murata XRCGB Series Crystal Units

XRCGB/XRCGE series crystal unit

The Murata's crystal units XRCGB/XRCGE series for automotive applications use the world's first unique packaging technology that is not offered in existing crystal units. This packaging technology provides excellent quality, mass productivity and cost performance.

Load capacitance is dependent upon user design, like 8pF or others, please specify a load capacitance to optimum value. In addition, Murata also offer a product lineup compatible to high drive level (600µm) and +125°C / +150°C.

They are ideal for automotive application such as TPMS/Remote Keyless Entry(RKE).



Small and high-reliability packages

Never overlook the particles that obstruct oscillation Introduction of termination design suitable for AOI
2.5x2.0mm/2.0x1.6mm sizes allow for ECU downsizing. These package sizes allow for a maximum of 60% downsizing capabilities compared to the 3.2x2.5mm size.

This package consists of a mechanical and weather resistant performance, along with excellent shock and drop shock resistance.

Murata’s original particle screening technology that ensures the screening of defective products, to which particles responsible for the deterioration of the characteristics of quartz crystals have adhered, during the production process. (Patent technology No. 4998620)

Murata adopted corner electrode terminations, which improve the visibility of the solder fillets while remaining compact.

* AOI : Automatic Optical Inspection (Board visual inspection)

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Features Applications

XRCGE series

  • Frequency: 20 to 23.99MHz
  • Size: 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.7mm
  • Resin sealed package
  • Complying with AEC-Q200

XRCGB series

  • Small Size 2.0×1.6×0.7mm
  • High Performance
    • 24 to 29.99MHz:±35ppm (-40 to +125゚C)
    • 30 to 48MHz :±65ppm (-40 to +125゚C)
  • Economical & Robust Design
    • Simple structure using Murata’s proven package technology
    • Particle screening process for enhanced reliability
  • Meets AEC-Q200 Standards
  • In-vehicle ethernet 
  • FlexRay
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