NXF series NTC thermistors

The NXF series of thermal string type NTC thermistors with flexible leads is a series of electronic components for detecting and measuring temperature.
These sensors feature one of the industry's smallest sensor heads, realizing compact size and fast thermal response.
The new type thermistor has 25% faster thermal response (compared to the hot constant of the previous model), which has been realized by selecting an appropriate wire material and internal construction.

New type of NTC thermistor with flexible leads and faster thermal respons.


Features Applications
  • NCP Series / NXFT Series / NXRT Series
    • High accuracy in resistance and B-Constant
    • Recognized by UL/cUL. (UL1434, File No.E137188)
  • NCP Series
    • Excellent solderability and high stability in the
    • application's environment
    • Same B-constant in the same resistance in the three sizes (0805 size/0603 size/0402 size)
    • Downsize is easy for design
  • NXFT Series
    • This small and highly accurate NTC Thermistor
    • provides extremely precise temperature sensing.
    • The small sensing head and thin lead wire deliver
    • temperature sensing in a narrow space.
    • Flexibility and a wide variety of lengths (25mm to
    • 150mm) enable the design of flexible temperature
    • sensing architectures.
  • NXRT Series
    • Strong lead intensity with original lead mounting
    • technique, it is bent at the time of use and can
    • withstand processing, etc., readily. 
  • NCP Series
    • Temperature compensation for transistors, ICs, and crystal oscillators in mobile communications
    • Temperature sensor for rechargeable batteries
    • Temperature compensation of LCD
    • Temperature compensation in general use of electric circuits
  • NXFT Series / NXRT Series
    • For temperature detection of a rechargeable battery pack, charge circuit, a printer head, DC fan motor, home electronics 
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