UMAC small energy device

The UMAC is a miniature device with a high energy storage capacity, low internal resistance, fast charging/discharging and the ability to withstand load fluctuations. It may be used as a secondary battery in the same way as a capacitor. The UMAC achieves better charge/discharge characteristics and has an extended cycle life superior to conventional batteries. Well suited as a power supply for wearable devices or sensor nodes in wireless networks, the UMAC maintains flat voltage characteristics while accommodating a wide range of load characteristics.

Bel Power Solutions MELCHER rugged 3U cassettes


Features  Applications
  • High-rate charge/discharge
    • Max. charge/discharge rate (current): 10 C (30 mA)
  • High safety
    • Highly safe design: Because of its small capacity and the use of chemically stable materials, thermal runaway does not occur.
  • Extended cycle life
    • Charge (capacity) recovery rate of 80% or higher after 5,000 cycles 
  • Wearable 
  • Wireless sensor applications 
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