IRA series pyroelectric infrared sensors

The pyroelectric infrared sensors lead-type is characterised by a low-cost, high-sensitivity, high-RFI (Radio Frequency Immunity) and high-WLI (White Light Immunity) characteristic lead-type infrared sensor. The IRA-S series has an improved RFI characteristic for the security market to comply with EN regulation for detection levels, such as peripheral circuitry. Its high sensitivity and high reliability make a great contribution to ergonomics and energy conservation for a wide range of appliances.

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Murata IRA series pyroelectric infrared sensors deliver high sensitivity and reliable performance made possible by Murata’s ceramic technology.


Features Applications
  • High sensitivity and excellent S/N ratio
  • Enhanced immunity to RFI(Radio Frequency Interference).
  • Slight movement can be detectable.
  • High immunity to external noise (vibration, etc.)
  • Custom design is available.
  • Higher in cost-performance
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Household appliances and consumer equipment
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