Murata products for IoT applications

Avnet Abacus offers a wide range of Murata products for IoT applications, including PIR, shock, MEMS and ultrasonic sensors, as well as RF components and modules for wireless communication applications. Murata’s modules are used in a variety of applications and the extensive range of products includes WiFi, BLE, LPWAN, RFID reader/writer, and others. In addition, a range of high-energy storage devices complements the sensor and wireless range, and is suitable for a wide variety of applications from battery back-up to energy harvesting systems.

Bel Power Solutions MELCHER rugged 3U cassettes
Product type  Series  Datasheets 
Wireless modules - BLE module  MBN52832  Download 
Wireless modules - BLE module  ZY  Download 
Wireless modules - RF Wi-Fi and BT module  1DX  Download 
Wireless modules - low profile wide area module  LPWAN  Download 
Sensors - Temperature  NCP  Download 
Sensors - Temperature  NXFT  Download 
Sensors - Temperature  NXRT  Download 
Sensors - Temperature  FTN Download 
Sensors - Heat/Overcurrent  PRG Download 
Sensors - Heat/Overcurrent  PRF Download 
Sensors - Heat/Overcurrent  FTP Download 
Sensors - Pyro electric Infrared and fresnel lens  IRA - S210ST01 Download 
Sensors - Ultrasonic tranducers MA40S4R, MA40S4S Download 
Sensors - Barometric pressure  ZPA Download 
Sensors - Inertial force - Shock sensor  PKGS-00GXP1-R, PKGS-00GXP1-R, PKGS-25SXAP1-R Download 
Sensors - Accelerometers  SCA3100-D04 Download 
Sensors - Accelerometers  SCA3100-D07 Download 
Sensors - Accelerometers  SCA100-D07 Download 
Sensors - Inlinometers SCA100T Download
Sensors - Inlinometers SCA103T Download
Sensors - Inlinometers SCA61T Download
Sensors - Gyro  SCC1300 Download 
Sensors - Gyro  SCC2000 Download 
Sensors - Magnetic  FR Download 
Sensors - Angle  SV01 Download 
Sensors - Angle  SV03 Download 
Evaluation boards - NTC thermistor MTHMR-N-0002A Download 
Evaluation boards - Pyroelectric infrared sensors IMX-070 Download 
Evaluation boards - Barometric pressure sensors MEX-1031 Download 
Energy storage devices - Supercapacitors (EDCL) DMT  Download 
Energy storage devices - Supercapacitors (EDCL) DMF Download 
Energy storage devices - Supercapacitors (EDCL) DMH Download 
Small energy devices - UMA UMAC  Download 
Small energy devices - UMA  UMAL  Download 
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