ECNSB series

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed a polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor in the 1411 size (3.5×2.8mm), B case *1), the world’s first in this size. This product is primarily intended for use in mobile devices such as laptop PCs, thin televisions and AV equipment.

As electronic devices have become smaller, thinner and faster, the need for a smaller capacitor to be used in smoothing the input/output of power circuits has become greater. Until now tantalum capacitors have been the main choice in the B case range, but multilayer polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors have low ESR*2, and the new Murata capacitor offers 105°C durability, 16V rated voltage and 33uF capacitance with the world’s first production in the B case size (1411). Murata will expand the lineup in the months ahead.

Murata ECNSB polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor in the 1411 size
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