Murata Power Solutions MGJ6 SIP/DIP Series

MGJ6 SIP/DIP series DC-DC converters

Offering configurable dual output voltages of +15V/-10V, +20V/-5V and +15V/-5V, the MGJ6 series of DC-DC converters is ideal for powering ‘high side’ and ‘low side’ gate drive circuits for IGBTs, silicon carbide and MOSFETs in bridge circuits. A choice of asymmetric output voltages allows optimum drive levels for best system efficiency and EMI. The MGJ6 series is characterised for high isolation and dv/dt requirements commonly seen in bridge circuits used in motor drives and inverters. A disable/frequency synchronisation pin simplifies EMC filter design. The MGJ6 protection features include short circuit protection and overload protection.

Murata Power Solutions MGJ6 SIP/DIP DC-DC Converter Series


Features Applications
  • Optimised bipolar output voltages for IGBT, silicon and silicon carbide gate drives
  • Suitable for DC link voltages up to 3kVDC
  • Wide 2:1 input voltage ranges of 5V, 12V & 24V
  • Reinforced insulation to UL60950  to a working voltage of 250Vrms
  • ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 1 MOPP/2 MOOP to a working voltage of 250Vrms
  • +15V/-5V, +15V/-10V & +20V/-5V outputs
  • Characterised dV/dt immunity 80kV/μs at 1.6kV and partial discharge performance
  • Ultra-low coupling capacitor 15pF
  • Creepage and clearance 8mm
  • Motor drives / motion control
  • Solar inverters
  • High power AC-DC conversion
  • Welding
  • Electrical powered transportation
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