Murata Power Solutions DMR20-4/20 LED Display

DMR20-4/20 LED display process monitor

Murata has introduced a new line of 4-20mA loop-powered process monitors from Murata Power Solutions. Featuring high-visibility LED displays, its operating power is derived directly from the current loop without requiring an external source. This new series is housed in the familiar round DMR20 polycarbonate package. The DMR20-4/20 series is the smallest 4-20mA process monitor available on the market. Target markets include industrial process control and monitoring utilizing a 4-20mA current loop, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based instrumentation, and 4-20mA test and calibration equipment.

Gain and offset adjustments are performed with on-board, precision, 20-turn potentiometers, which eliminates the need for costlier, longer-lead-time custom products. This is a key benefit for applications that use several different-range meters. All decimal-point and range-change selections are made on a six-position DIP switch featuring vibration-resistant, gold-plated contacts.

Murata Power Solutions DMR20-4/20 LED display process monitor - Avnet Abacus

The DMR20-4/20’s rugged one-piece plastic housing makes it ideal for environmentally demanding applications. Connections to the DMR20-4/20 are made via a reliable, two-position, screw-type terminal block. An EPDM rubber gasket and hex nut simplify installation and provide IP67/NEMA 6 protection to environmental dirt and moisture, including water submersion up to three feet (one meter). Further, it operates at an extremely low loop drop of 2.5Vdc for the red LED model and 3.5Vdc for the green to surpass performance levels of similar products with hard-to-read displays

Features and benefits

Features Applications
  • 5V maximum loop-drop (125 Ω burden) for red LED model
  • Self-powered directly from 4-20 mA current loop, no external power source needed
  • Fits round 1.20 inch [30.5 mm] cutouts; less than 1.00 inch [<25.4 mm] behind-the-panel depth
  • Easy-to-read, 0.30 inch [7.6 mm] high LED digits with excellent display brightness; available in red or green LEDs
  • Supplied with EPDM rubber gasket and hex nut
  • High-quality, 20-turn, span (gain) and zero (offset) adjustments
  • Gold-plated DIP-switch for range and decimal points: Reliable screw-terminal input connections
  • Rugged, polycarbonate, one-piece package
  • Protected against dust and water submersion to IP67/NEMA 6
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