Molex SIM & Combo Card Connectors

SIM & combo card connectors

Molex offers SIM, micro-SIM, ChipSIM and microSD/SIM Combo connectors for the mobile device market. SIM Card connectors offer 6 and 8 circuit versions to allow for memory expansion in hardware.

Meanwhile, the micro-SIM Card Sockets feature push-pull, hinged and push-push styles to provide maximum design flexibility. Molex ChipSIM connectors and Cardholders are available as standard or custom products with many user-friendly features available. And when a design requires both mico-SD and -SIM cards, Molex microSD/SIM Card Combo connector addresses the resulting space and access challenges better than the competition by providing a small footprint, low-profile height and easy retrieval.

Molex SIM and SIM/SD Combo Card connectors provide end-user and protective features in a compact design for mobile devices using GSM, GPRS, SMS and MMS technology.

3M has presented New 3M™ 100G QSFP28 Direct Attach Copper Cable Assemblies, 9Q Series are passive copper cable assemblies which utilize 3M Twin Axial Cable technology to create a highly-flexible, foldable, high-performance solution.


Features   Applications
  • Compact size with small footprint and low profile height
  • Terminal-beam design with gradual lead-in
  • MicroSD/SIM Card Combo connector: Anti-card-sticking design
  • Micro-SIM Card Sockets: Multiple soldering points
  • SIM Card connectors: Round contact design
  • ChipSIM connectors and Cardholders: Locking-feature button must be pressed to release active latch/cardholder
  • Card polarization features
  • MicroSD/SIM Card Combo connector: Free insertion and withdrawal of microSD card
  • Micro-SIM Card Sockets: Anti-shorting feature
  • SIM Card connectors: High-temperature thermoplastic housing
  • ChipSIM connectors and Cardholders: Last-mate/first-break switch
  • Smart phone
  • Mobile devices 
  • Security cameras
  • Smart utilities devices 
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