Rectangular near field communication antenna

Molex rectangular near field communication (NFC) antennas maximise effectiveness of quick, two-way read/write operations over a wide range of detection distances from metallic and nonmetallic substrate applications.

Molex Rectangular near field communication (NFC) antenna


Features Applications
  • Plated Pads provide electrical contact to connecting spring clips or pogo pins mounted on the application PCB
  • Selection of antenna sizes:(15 by 25), (23 by 27), (34 by 46) and (45 by 55)
  • offer increased design flexibility to the application developer
  • Flexi material facilitates easy integration on the application substrate due to its pliability
  • Ferrite* layer eliminates interference effects from metallic or conductive surfaces when antenna is applied on these (Remark: Non-Ferrite version antennas are used on on-metallic or non-conductive surfaces
  • Double-sided adhesive tape with liner(not shown, on underside of antenna) enables easy peel-and-stick mounting on the application substrate
  • Automotive
    • Infotainment systems
    • Smart car functions
  • Consumer
    • Payment processing systems
    • Apparel tagging readers
  • Industrial
    • Airline ticketing systems
    • Air baggage and cargo
    • Logistics, conveyors and roll cages
    • Security access control systems
    • Electronic keys
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