Molex MXMag Single Port RJ45 Connectors

MXMag single port RJ45 connectors

Delivering a durable solution tested to over 2,500 mating cycles, MXMag Single-Port RJ45 Connectors are robust, high-reliability integrated magnetic jacks with an optional automated reflow-solder assembly to deliver additional cost advantages and increase production output

Molex MXMag Single Port RJ45 Connectors


Features   Applications
  • LED and EMI shield tab options
  • Meets demands for custom magnetics to match competitor and PHY vendor requirements. Meets the majority of right-angle through-hole magnetic jack connector requirements on the market
  • Available in temperature ranges 0 to +70°C and -40 to +85°C
  • Suitable for a broad range of applications and environments
  • Reflow-solder compatible; pin-in-paste and automated pick-and-place options available
  • Provides high-speed assembly solution without compromising robust through-hole PCB connection
  • RJ45 interface with robust terminal design
  • Capable of 2,500 mating cycles. PdNi plating enhances environmental performance. Designed to mate with plugs that don’t strictly meet the industry-standard IEC spec. Able to withstand higher-vibration environments
  • Addition of 25.4mm (1.00”) depth magnetic jacks
  • Delivers a pick-and-place magnetic jack solution in a very commonly used footprint
  • Multiple packaging options available
  • Tape and reel packaging for pick-and-place applications and tray packaging for standard assembly
  • Telecommunications/Networking
    • Hubs
    • Servers
    • Printers
  • Industrial
    • PLC Controllers
    • Network Interfaces
    • Motion Control
    • Sensor Networks
  • Commercial
    • Set-Top Boxes
    • Point of Sale Terminals
    • Internet of Things Applications
  • Infrastructure
  • Access Points
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