Triple-band WiFi antenna

The development of Internet of Things and machine-2-machine technologies has placed new requirements on antenna design and performance. The need for real-time wireless communication with high barrier-penetration, robust connectivity and more power savings across longer distances presents challenges for engineers.

Triple-band Wi-Fi antennas satisfy the need for wireless communication with higher-barrier penetration, operating over a larger but lower frequency range of 900MHz. This creates easier barrier penetration, and is also more interference-resistant.

Offering greater power efficiency and longer-range connectivity to Wi-Fi certified products, Molex triple-band Wi-Fi antennas enable multi-vendor operability and easy setup for those searching for technology that supports the revolutionary communications of the future. 

Bel Power Solutions MELCHER rugged 3U cassettes


Features Applications
  • Antenna radiator acts as a transducer to convert unguided electromagnetic waves to guided electromagnetic waves and vice versa
  • Pick-and-place feature facilitates automatic placement during assembly
  • Ceramic antenna housing is compact, inexpensive, and easy to integrate into applications subject to high reflow temperatures
  • Feeding pads connect to the radio transceiver via a 50-Ohm transmission line on the PCB. Electrical signals from the transmission line are fed through this pad on the PCB
  • Grounding pad provides electrical grounding of antenna onto the application PCB
  • Fixing pads firmly anchor antenna housing onto the SMT pad of the PCB
  • Consumer
    • Smart homes
    • IoT
  • Automotive
    • Connected vehicle
  • Industrial
    • Smart cities 
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