MID/LDS custom capabilities

With the continuing push for smaller electronics and increased device functionality, there is a need for technologies that can maximise space, reduce cost, lower weight and offer more features; manufacturers are being driven to meet these stringent demands.  

MID (molded interconnect device) / LDS (laser direct structuring) manufacturing technology offers the unique ability to solve these requirements due to its 3-D (3D) selective trace functionality, coupled with the flexibility of using injection molded plastics that can be soldered, plastic welded, insert molded, over-molded and wire bonded. OEMs can work concurrently with local Molex engineering teams in the design and development of any custom MID/LDS connector, antenna or sensor solution to provide a product that is optimized for a specific application. 

Molex MID/LDS PCB assembly


Features   Applications

Selective circuits on an injection molded plastic design and manufacturing

Enable production of 3-D interconnect packaging, integrating both electrical and mechanical designs into a single molded device for significant space savings over traditional technologies like PCB, flex circuit and insert molding. Reduce components, processes and are easy to prototype. Scalable from small- to large-volume production quantities. Cost- effective in total applied value

Circuitry can be imaged with a three-axis laser on a variety of RoHS-compliant plastics with pattern modification

Enables multi-function features, including circuit vias, switch pads, sensors, or even antennas. Excellent for miniaturization strategies. Fine pitch capability down to 0.10mm gap and trace width. Ultra-fine-pitch capability down to 0.06mm gap and trace width in development

Comprehensive manufacturing base and streamlined supply-chain for design, manufacturing, testing and quality control

Provides for a simplified supply chain to the customer for any complex MID/LDS assembly through vendor reduction, 3rd party margin reduction, and shortened supply chain

Wide array of high-temperature RoHS-compliant plastics

Allows for soldering of electronic components (such as integrated chips (IC’s), capacitors, inductors, etc.) directly to the selective plating on the plastic. Ideal for SMT applications to meet specific mechanical requirements

Insert- and over-molding capability

Enables additional built-in features to reduce weight and increase functionality

Powder coating available on metal castings and stampings that require a metal base

Provides an ideal technology for applications that require heat sinks or a metal base

Plastic laser or ultrasonic welding

Increases assembly functionality; decreases weight and assembly cost

Wire bonding available to connect ICs with LDS circuit traces

Increases the electronic capabilities for an LDS assembly

  • Automotive transportation
    • Sensors
    • Antennas
    • Lighting
  • Industrial
    • Sensors
    • Antennas
    • Lighting
  • Medical
    • Blood glucose meter
    • Home healthcare telemetry
    • Telehelath
    • Catheter interface
    • Pulse oximetry sensors
    • Hearing aids
    • RFID solutions
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