Molex MediSpec™ MPC Connector System

MediSpec™ MPC connector system

Combining premium performance and ease-of-use, MediSpec™ Medical Plastic Circular (MPC) Interconnect System incorporates proven cost-effective technology to meet the stringent standards of medical-device users.

Health care reform has created an environment where medical equipment manufacturers are driven to reduce costs without sacrificing reliability while struggling to source highly reliable, customizable and cost-effective products.

The MediSpec™ MPC Interconnect System provides a high-performing, affordable alternative to typical medical circular connectors in a custom-off-the-shelf design.

premium performance and ease-of-use Molex MediSpec™ Medical Plastic Circular (MPC) Interconnect System Avnet Abacus


Features Applications
  • Utilizes a proven Molex contact technology
    • Ensures a reliable electrical interface and 10,000 mating cycles
    • Utilizes economical stamped-and-formed process, which allows for selective plating for further cost reduction
  • Simple push-pull mating engagement with unique locking sleeve
    • Easy to use
    • Latch provides cable un-mating force to 50 N min for D1 and 85 N (min.) for D2
  • Two standard diameter versions available (D1 with 8 contacts; D2 with 17 contacts)
    • Addresses a wide range of medical equipment applications
  • Lightweight medical-grade plastic housing (on the standard male plug and panel-mount female receptacles)
    • PPSU for Re-Use / Sterilization apps
    • Polycarbonate for Single-use apps
  • Factory-potted contact pin field for both plugs and receptacles
    • Prevents ingress of flux into the contact zone during termination. Provides barrier against moisture ingress through the pin field in the un-mated state, during field use
  • ​Dental
  • Disposables (sensors/catheters)
  • Electrophysiology
  • Imaging
  • Patient Monitor
  • Surgical equipment / devices
  • Telehealth - remote patient monitoring systems
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