Molex EconoLatch® Wire-to-Wire Connectors

EconoLatch® wire-to-wire connectors

Customer designing their wire-to-wire power applications are looking for an inexpensive interconnect solution that enables easy swapping of male or female terminals for speedy, disruption-free operations. EconoLatch® connectors free up economic resources and time by allowing customers to swap circular (male or female) terminals on either connector housing to speed up assembly operations without interruptions.

Engineers risk mis-mating receptacle-to-plug parts when configuring multiple polarized housings with the same circuit size in a single harness assembly. This could be prevented if crimp terminals could be swapped between crimp housings with different genders. EconoLatch connector housings accept both male and female terminals for maximum design flexibility and fool-proof mating. This design feature is especially helpful when configuring similar or identical circuit connections in a single harness without concerns or risks of mis-mating parts of different gender.

Customers face challenges of compromised electrical performance when using crimp terminals with surface-contact designs (which offers limited contact wipe) and single locking lance (resulting in weak interlocking to housings). Some crimp terminals do not possess alignment features nor support up to 9.0A of current. EconoLatch crimp terminals with multipoint contacts and dual locking lance eliminate issues of poor contact wipe and insecure locking. Supporting up to 9.0A per terminal, EconoLatch connectors enable precise terminal alignment into crimp housings for maximum electrical contact integrity and reliability.

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Features Applications
  • Circuit identifiers at the rear of the housing
    • Ensure correct circuit numbers when inserting crimped leads
  • Friction lock
    • Secures mated housings
  • Polarization features and circuit identifiers on receptacle and plugs housing
    • Ensures correct mating and assembly
  • Panel-mount locking latch
    • Secures panel-mount style applications
  • Circular crimp terminal design
    • Allow orientation in any direction for quick insertion and wire-to-wire assembly
  • Dual terminal locking lances
    • Provide optimum contact stability when inserted into the connector housing; dimples within the terminals enhance contact reliability and electrical performance when mated
  • Consumer / Home Appliance
    • Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers
  • Lighting
    • Interior Lighting, Fixtures, Ballasts
  • Industrial
    • Assembly line equipment
  • Medical
    • Healthcare IT, Patient-care equipment
  • Automotive
    • Interior lighting
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