CLIK-Mate­ connector system

The rugged CLIK-Mate wire-to-board system provides secure electrical contact, low insertion force and mating assurance in a wide variety of configurations, circuit sizes and current options.


Molex CLIK-Mate­™ Wire-to-Board Connector System


Features Applications
  • Positive inner locks Enables simplified cable assembly for operators
  • Facilitates board placement
  • Provides secure PCB retention and solder joint
  • strain relief
  • Offers secure electrical contact and avoids
  • terminal stubbing
  • Tuning-fork style contact design
  • Flat area for pick-and place
  • Reinforced metal solder tabs
  • Consumer
    • Gaming machines
    • LCD and TV Panels
  • Automotive
    • Infotainment
    • Interior Mirrors
  • ​Lighting
    • LED Light Modules
    • Office Down Lights
  • Industrial
    • Scanners
    • Smart Grid Meters
  • Medical
    • Patient Monitors
    • Surgical Equipment
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