Smart Home Automation with Molex

Developing Connected Home security systems with Molex components

Smarter homes need smarter security

Research shows nearly 2 out of 3 people (62%) say security is among the top benefits of home automation. Makes sense, considering 60% of burglars steer clear of smart homes with security systems. But how does smart home security really work?

Even the smartest smart homes today have a variety of subsystems that share a network and not much else. Outside of the normal security and surveillance needs of homes, engineers contend with: 

  • Managing encryption as well public and private keys for security
  • Ensuring hardware communicates safely with software
  • Additional needs and constraints around wireless security

Connections aren't always wireless

While antennas play a role, smart homes are built on a host of other components that help bring the Internet of Things to a consumer’s front door—and all around the house, too. From wire-to-wire connectors for efficient secure lighting applications to microSD memory cards connectors that help power car navigation, CCTV and cameras, there are a variety of I/O and micro connector products to help get smart home security projects to market:



Slim versions good for smart detectors like smart doorbells.



Reliable connectors suited for ultra slim mobile applications.



Best used for tight packaging applications.

Memory card


Space-saving versions respond to space and access challenges around surveillance cameras.



Applications like smoke detectors benefit from the design flexibility in a milli-grid system.



Ideal for providing wired connectivity, data transmission and power to remote devices in the Smart Home.



Data connections remove the need for a PC: perfect for wireless smart home applications like security cameras. 



Micro-miniature smart home features like door bells benefit from high quality wire-to-board connectors.



Explore Molex's range of antennas and connectors for Smart Home applications here.





Avnet Abacus and Molex: Connecting the dots in Connected Home security

Avnet Abacus' extensive team of technical specialists offer design and solution support to engineers with interconnect, sensors, wireless, passive, power supplies and battery products. Molex offers electronic components and solutions and has acquired technologies from software to firmware. Together we bring you a portfolio of high-performing solutions and associated technologies that enable you to transform concepts into smart, connected designs across a wide range of applications.

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Security and surveillance in Smart Homes

The new era of home security won’t just be an alarm that rings when a lock is picked or a window broken. With the rise of new technology comes the added need to protect a home’s hardware and its software.

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