Avnet Abacus is an authorised Molex distributor throughout Europe.

Molex makes a connected world possible by enabling technology that transforms the future and improves lives.  By continually adapting to help customers advance designs in the areas of greatest impact, we join those who share our mission to create breakthroughs that propel the world forward. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full range of connectivity solutions for markets that include data communications, medical, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics.

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Interconnect Sensors and transducers Switches and relays


Molex high speed solutions

Molex high speed interconnect products provide a solution for the fastest networks across telecommunications, networking and data center applications. Supporting a wide range of data rates with connectors in various shapes, sizes and orientations, Molex’s portfolio exceeds the requirements for next-generation connectivity with unrivalled expertise in high speed design.

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Molex custom cables and Off-The-Shelf cable assemblies

Molex’s custom cable creator and off-the-shelf cable assemblies help reduce your time to market by speeding up the design for your wire harness! Create, concept, and design using the custom cable creator or prototype and buy in stock off-the-shelf (OTS) point-to-point discrete cable assemblies. If the off-the-shelf isn’t exactly what you are seeking, the custom cable creator can offer a range of options, such as single- or dual-ended, braided, taped, heat shink tubing (HST), and zip ties. Molex builds custom cables to fit into many end applications such as power distribution units/boxes, power racks, engines, headlights, taillights, and radio wire harnesses.

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FCT D-sub connectors range

The Molex FCT D-Sub product range includes connectors available in standard, high-density and mixed-layout versions, as well as various material and plating combinations with an extensive range of backshells and accessory options.

Molex Antennas Building Home Spotlight

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Antenna solutions for Connected Home applications

Discover Molex's antenna solutions and how they enable you to transform concepts into designs across a wide range of Connected Home applications.

Antenna design considerations for a Smart Home

Learn how antennas can support varied frequencies and multiple protocols in the Connected Home with this 40-minute technical presentation from Mathias Goebel, Avnet Abacus Product Manager, and Savvas Valsamakis, Business Development Manager at Molex Europe.

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Enabling your automotive systems with micro connectors

Developments in automotive technologies are enabling smarter, more feature rich in-vehicle applications, which in turn vastly improve vehicle performance. This transformation is driving data requirements, creating a need for connectivity solutions that can handle more data at higher speeds, and in smaller form factors than ever before.

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Molex products and solutions

Learn more about the latest products and solutions from Molex.



Molex QSFP-DD Interconnect System and Cable Assemblies Spotlight

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QSFP-DD interconnect system and cable assemblies

The QSFP-DD interconnect system’s 8-lane electrical interface transmits up to 28Gbps NRZ or 56Gbps PAM-4, up to 200Gpbs or 400Gbps aggregate, with the same module form factor as QSFP interconnects, making them backward compatible.

Molex Connector Solutions Product Spotlight

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Micro and signal connector solutions

Molex microminiature and signal wire-to-board connectors initially designed for consumer handheld devices, are now being used in applications across many industries.

Molex Connector Solutions

Molex Magnetic Jacks Spotlight

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Magnetic jacks

Magnetic jacks, available in single- and multi-port versions, simplify customer board layouts by reducing the components required and support a wide variety of applications including computer, network and telecommunications equipment.

Molex Lite-Trap Series Wire-To-Board Vertical Entry Connectors Product Spotlight

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Lite-trap wire-to-board vertical entry connectors

Molex has introduced Lite-Trap series with wire-to-board vertical entry connectors.

Molex has introduced Lite-Trap series with wire-to-board vertical entry connectors.
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