Kingstate KDMG4040008L-50 Speakers

KDMG4040008L-50 speakers

KINGSTATE announced a new speaker ” KDMG4040008L-50”  which is widely applied to electronic devices, home security system, industrial, medical and information technology system.

 It features high output SPL: 85dB at0.1W/10cm, resonant frequency at 230Hz, square frame with screw hole to fix tight to equipment, rated power at 5W.    
Dimensions:  40mm* 40mm, Power: Rated 5W/Max 6W

KINGSTATE 40 * 40 mm 5W speaker KDMG4040008L-50 Avnet Abacus


Features Applications
  • Square basket with screw hole. 
  • Operating temperature: -25℃ ~ +65℃
  • Paper cone + PU coating for a more elaborate performance. 
  • Wire + Connectors at client’s customization 
  • Electric  devices 
  • Home security system
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical device
  • Information system
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