FH58 series FPC connector

Hirose has introduced the FH58 series range of compact Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors for small portable electronic devices that require high-speed transmission.

The connector series offers excellent impedance characteristics and delivers high-speed transmission required to support USB 3.0, Embedded DisplayPort ver1.3 and MIPI D-PHY ver1.1 standards.

The dimensions are compact with a short mounted depth of 3.1mm, and a height of only 0.9mm. The fine pitch of 0.2mm / 0.25mm minimizes the required mounting to save valuable board space.

Two multi-functional metal fittings are incorporated into the connector housing to support correct tabbed FPC insertion/withdrawal and to hold the FPC in place temporarily before locking it in place. A firm and tactile click confirms correct locking of the FPC. When locked the metal fittings close to hold the FPC tabs firmly in place to ensure high retention of the FPC.

The connector utilizes a top and bottom contact to allow the FPC to be inserted upwards or downwards. The contact points (sharp protrusions) press into the FPC stiffener to increase the retention force. Contact springs follow the up and down movement of the FPC to secure the electrical continuity.


Hirose FH58 Series Flat Printed Circuit
  • Number of contacts: 31, 35, 41, 51
  • Contact Pitch: 0.2mm / 0.25mm
  • Current rating: 0.2A
  • Voltage Rating: AC/DC 30V
  • Halogen-free
  • RoHS compliant
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