Board-to-wire connectors

A wide and comprehensive range of board-to-wire connectors designed to meet a number of different applications. The range features strong locking mechanisms such as positive locks to guarantee secure locking. Fine pitch sizes start from 0.8mm to 10.16mm to support maximum space saving on the board. Many different housing types are available in single or double row, vertical or right angle. A wide pin count is available from 1 to 100 dependent on the series type to offer flexible design options. High current ratings up to 45A are available.

Suitable applications are industrial equipment, security cameras, video recorders, measuring equipment, drones, handheld gaming systems, automotive infotainment, smart meters, medical devices and many others.


TE Connectivity Interconnect System

DF65 series (positive lock)

  • Enhanced contact reliability and lock structure
  • Vertical mating provides superior handling
  • Highly reliable contact structure
  • Increased cable retention
  • High current of MAX 4A (24 AWG)
  • Solder wicking prevention
  • Prevents Accidental unmating
  • UL and C-UL Certified
  • Glow Wire compliance (Compliant with IEC 60695-2-11)


DF13 series (SMT type)

  • Miniature size
  • Multi-contact
  • Correspond to Automatic Mounting
  • Integral Basic Function Despite Miniature Size
  • UL Certifled
  • Glow wire compliance (Compliant with IEC 60695-2-11)


DF57H series (swing lock)

  • Reinforced lock structure with swing lock
  • Header lock improves plug retention
  • Highly reliable contact structure
  • Insert guide key prevents misalignment
  • Solder wicking prevention
  • Case disengagement prevention
  • Cost effective



DF20 series 

  • 1.0 mm Contact Pitch
  • Reliable electrical connection wipe
  • Narrower external width and length
  • Automatic equipment board placement
  • Product variations available 


DF50A series (positive lock)

  • It provides clear tactile click and secure mating
  • Robust structure resistant to wrenching forces
  • Robust and reliable lance structure
  • Ensured adsorption area eliminates the need for adsorption cap.
  • Insulation outer diameter 0.9mm dia., compatible with AWG#28


DF52 series

  • 0.8 mm pitch, 1.75 mm height 4.1 mm depth small connector
  • Rated up to 2.5 Amps MAX with AWG#28, 2 pos.
  • Robust design is tolerant of cable wiring.
  • High contact lance strength
  • Box shape crimp contact prevents deformation
  • Supports cables with jacket O/D 0.5 to 0.6 mm, AWG#32 to 28
  • RoHS compliant, halogen-free product
  • Will be UL approved
  • Plugs available in straight and receptacles available in right angle.

DF11 series 

  • Space-saving on board realized
  • Broad variation
  • Applicable wire covers wide range
  • The ID type connector achieves connection work


DF58 series 

  • Small-sized, low profile connector
  • Leveling of the vertical mating cable
  • Proprietary ViSe lock design
  • High current capability up the maximum of 3.0A (2pos. : When 28AWG is used)
  • Highly reliable contact design
  • Halogen-free


DF61Y series 

  • Proprietary ViSe lock design
  • Improved operation through vertical mating
  • Small-sized and low profile, with high withstanding voltage and current (H=2mm, 24AWG : 4A Max)
  • High heat-resistance
  • Halogen-free
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