Hirose Board-To-Board Connectors

Board-to-board connectors

Board-to-board connectors featuring some of the lowest stack heights in the world to support miniature applications. The stack heights start from as low as 0.98mm to 45mm. Fine pitch sizes start from 0.35mm to 12mm. A wide pin count is available from 1 to 280 dependent on the series to offer flexible design options. Although the connectors are designed to be compact the current rating is not compromised. High current ratings up to 60A are available in addition to hybrid signal/power connectors.

Suitable applications are industrial equipment, broadcast equipment, security cameras, smart meters, medical devices, BTS, measuring equipment, projectors and many others.


Hirose BM20 board-to-board connectors

DF12 series

  • Broad variations of stacking height
  • Supports automatic mounting
  • Metal fitting available


DF17 series 

  • Performance enhancement
  • With metal fitting available
  • Broad variations in contact number
  • Stacking height 4 to 8mm


BM20 series 

  • High density mounting capability
  • Reliable contact performance
  • No restrictions to PCB pattern design for the 0.8 mm height connector
  • Enhanced mating operations
  • Drop and shock resistant structure
  • Debris resisting design


DF40 series 

  • High density mounting
  • Multiple stack height options
  • High contact reliability
  • Excellent self-aligning range
  • Reinforced structure with shock absorbing ribs
  • Solder wicking prevention
  • Contamination resistant design
  • RoHS compliant
  • High speed signal with noise prevention


BM24 series 

  • Rated current : 5A
  • High contact reliability
  • Enhanced mating process
  • Supports USB3.0/3.1 transmission


BM28 series 

  • Rated current 5A
  • Highly reliable contact design
  • Good mating operation
  • Supports USB3.1 Gen.2 (10Gbps) transmission


BM10 series 

  • Higher density of the board-mounted components
  • Reliable electrical and mechanical connection
  • Large self-alignment distance
  • Built-in shock absorbing feature
  • Solder wicking prevention
  • Contamination protection
  • Conducive traces on the PCB can run under the connector


BM15FR series 

  • High retention strength
  • Space-saving
  • High contact reliability
  • PCB layout
  • Enhanced operability
  • Protection against shock and vibration




BM22 series 

  • 4A current rating
  • Two point contact structure
  • Good mating operability


BM25 series 

  • Capable of high current power supply [Rated current : 10A]
  • Robust [70N]
  • Contributes to power saving [1m ohm or less]


BM14 series 

  • Two stacking height options
  • Ultra space-saving design
  • Two point contact system
  • Superior tactile feedback
  • Drop and shock resistant structure
  • User friendly operations
  • No pattern prohibited area


DF37 series

  • Reduced size and board-occupied area
  • Reliable electrical and mechanical connection
  • Self alignment
  • Physical shock and vibration protection
  • Solder wicking prevention
  • Contamination protection


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