Harwin shield cans provide excellent RFI and EMI protection to sensitive circuitry and the PCB level. They are mounted by simply pushing them into the SMT clips, minimizing installation costs since there is no secondary processing required, and assembly takes seconds. They can be also easily removed for inspection/repair/rework, with no fear of damage to the PCB.

Cans are produced from Nickel Silver to ensure good screening, and the mechanically-robust, simple five sided box design saves cost when compared to fence and cover styles. The clips ensure secure can retention, resistant to shock and vibration.


Product Width Height  Depth  Operating temperature  Max soldering temperature 
S01-30200500 30mm 20mm 5mm    
S01-30300500 30mm 30mm 5mm    
S01-50250500 50mm 25mm 5mm    
S02-20150300 20mm 15mm 3mm    
S02-25200300 25mm 20mm 3mm    
S02-30200250 30mm 20mm 2.5mm    
S01-806005KIT*       -40°C to +105°C 260ᵒC for 10 seconds

*Shield can development kit: 2 x DIY Shield Can blanks (60 x 80mm), scored for easy folding (at 5mm spacing)

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