HotSpot Plus LED Driver and Emergency System

The HotSpot Plus LED driver and emergency system from Fulham combines dimmable, programmable LED driver functions with an emergency LED driver, and a replaceable backup battery in a single compact unit.

This all-in-one solution operates as a 40/45W constant current driver under normal conditions, but during power outages the integrated battery will automatically activate to provide 5W of power for 180 minutes or 10W for 90 minutes. Benefits include lower costs, simplified installation, and the ability to bring emergency LED capability to smaller luminaires.

* European version features 1W-6W emergency output; factory set for 3W for 180 min.

Bel Power Solutions MELCHER rugged 3U cassettes


  • Integrated LED Driver, emergency LED driver, and replaceable battery
  • 0-10V dimming (100%-1%)
  • Emergency power: 5W for 180 min or 10W for 90 min (user-selectable). European version: 1W-6W emergency output; factory set for 3W for 180 min.
  • Programmable output current: 250-1400mA in 1mA increments
  • Compatible with Fulham SmartSet programming platform
  • Illuminated test switch/AC power indicator
  • Switchable self-diagnostics
  • Warranty: 5 years at TC max 70°C. 3 years for -C and -BLS battery at TC max 80°C
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