Dubilier offers a complete range of D Connectors and accessories including standard, high density, IDCD, through hole and filtered.

Series information

Series Description Datasheet
DBCD Hoods, metalised plastic, diecast, RFI/EMI screened, Ethernet, thinnernet Download
DBCD Screwlock kit, male / female Download
DBCG Dual port D connectors, male, female, solder, PCB Download
DBCFD Filtered D connectors, solder bucket, male, female Download
DBCHD High density D connectors, solder bucket and pin, male, female, PCB Download
DBCSC SCSI 11 D connectors, PCB, solder pin, 1.27mm pitch, female, metal / plastic shell Download
DBCSD Standard D connectors, male and female, solder bucket and pin, US and European footprint Download
DBCTD Turned pin D connectors, solder bucket, male, female, PCB Download
  D connector housing  
  Metalised plastic hood  
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