Dubilier can offer a complete range of primary and secondary cells in all technologies as well as custom designed battery packs and assemblies. Avnet Abacus’ team of field applications engineers are available to guide you through your selection, helping define the optimum cell chemistry, battery size, capacity and cost to suit your applications individual product and environmental requirements.
Dubilier’s standard range covers all of the major cell chemistries.
In addition to Dubilier’s standard product offering, Avnet Abacus can provide custom designed battery packs and assemblies in all cell chemistries including alkaline, sealed lead acid, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion and lithium polymer. Get in touch with our technical specialists to discuss your custom requirements.
Designing a battery pack requires specialist electronic design skills, as well as knowledge of relevant safety legislation and product acceptance criteria.  Our complete Dubilier solutions include all required battery-management circuitry and meet all applicable regulations in the quantities and timescales that you require.

Series information

Series Type Chemistry Style Description Datasheet
  Primary Lithium Cylindrical High power  
  Primary Lithium Cylindrical Long life  
CR Primary Lithium      
SB Primary Lithium thionyl chloride Cylindrical   Download
LR Primary Alkaline Cylindrical    
  Rechargeable     3 – 5 year life  
  Rechargeable Nickel metal hydride      
  Rechargeable Lithium-ion      
  Rechargeable Lithium-ion Cylindrical    
  Rechargeable Lithium-polymer      
LR Rechargeable Nickel metal hydride Cylindrical    
  Battery packs Alkaline nickel metal hydride      
  Battery packs Lithium-ion / lithium-polymer      
  Coin cell holders       Download
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