SB series sixteenth-brick DC-DC converters

The SB family of converter comes in an industry standard footprint 0.9" x 1.3" x 0.404" package. The 2:1 Vin series of converter operates over the input range of 9 to 18, 18 to 36 or 36 to 75VDC and provides up to 100 Watts of output power, while the 4:1 Vin series operates over the input voltage range of 9 to 36 or 18 to 75VDC and provides up to 50 Watts of output power. The SB family offer high efficiency up to 93%. Standard models come with isolation of 2250VDC (1590VAC RMS), but optional High Isolation of 2828VDC (2000VAC RMS) is available by adding suffix "I" to the part number.

Datel has introduced the SB family of converter with ultra-wide input voltage ranges and optional high isolation of 2828VDC.


Features Applications
  • Precisely regulated outputs
  • Fixed switching frequency
  • 2:1 or 4:1 input voltage ranges
  • Up to 100 Watt (2:1 output) and up to 50 Watt (4:1 output)
  • Remote ON/OFF - positive or negative and Remote Sense
  • -40ºC to +123ºC operating temperature range
  • Full protection (OTP, OCP, OVP, UVLO and auto-restart)
  • Optional baseplate 0.500" (12.7mm) tall (only with 2250VDC standard isolation)
  • Withstands 100V input transients (50V for 9-36Vin models)
  • Also available with a baseplate, 2:1 Vin, SMD package and higher power density
  • Optional SMD-mountable construction
  • Output voltage trim range: ±10%
  • On-board input differential LC filter
  • Meets UL94, V-0 flammability rating
  • Designed to meet UL/CSA 60950-1, and EN 55022TUV 
  • Distributed Power Architectures
  • Instrumentation
  • Data and Wireless Communications
  • Servers
  • “Bus” Converter Applications
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