ZMA series switches

C&K has announced the ZMA series of subminiature snap-acting switches. The ZMA series provides a good platform to replace conventional magnetic or hall-effect sensing detection. The ZMA series offers a wide range of markings, actuators and terminals. Various operating forces are available and can be installed with different actuators.

The ZMA series is suitable for sensitive applications like consumer products, and high volume instrument equipment and household E-meters. High-sensitivity, small travel, light force, excellent haptics and good over travel tolerance characteristics make the ZMA a good fit for medical equipment interfaces.


C&K ZMA Series of subminature snap-acting switches


Features Applications
  • Rating from 0.1A to 3A, with or without UL certification
  • Reliable snap-acting mechanism
  • Long electrical and mechanical life
  • Compact size
  • Automotive
  • Home appliances
  • Industrial / Control interfaces
  • Medical equipment
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