KMT0 SMT top actuated tactile switches

The demand for electronic smoking devices is constantly increasing. The market is answering this need by developing two kinds of products: the vapour products which include e-cigarettes, and the tobacco heating products that heat the tobacco without burning it. These devices need to be no bigger than a pack of cigarettes but with efficient and long lasting electronics.

C&K's KMT0 tactile series can be used in both kinds of devices as Man-Machine Interface. The combination of size, crisp tactile effect and IP68 of KMT0 makes it the perfect candidate for light, sturdy portable products with a distinctive tactile signature. The footprint of the KMT0 is 3.00 x 2.06 mm with a total height of 0.65mm. It has an operating force of either 1 N, 1.6N, 2.3N or 3.4N and is available with silver or gold contact material. Its operating life ranges from 300.000 to 1.000.000 life cycles, depending on the version.

C&K has introduced KMT0 Series Nano-Miniature SMT Top Actuated Tactile Switches, nano-miniature switches in electronic smoking devices.


Features Applications
  • Smallest thickness with integrated actuator
  • Extended life cycles
  • Smallest footprint
  • IP68
  • Ultra low current capabilities
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • MP3 Accessories
  • Hearing Aids
  • Electronic Smoking Devices
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