MF-PSML SMD 0805 low ohmic resettable fuses

Bourns is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Model MF-PSML Series of Multifuse® polymer PTC resettable fuses. These 0805 (2012 metric) size surface mount devices are among Bourns’ smallest size resettable fuses to use Bourns’ new low ohmic PTC material.

The MF-PSML series has post trip resistance values as low as 25 mOhms and initial resistance values as low as 3 mOhms. Such low resistance values are also helping to boost the current carrying capability of these new devices. Using Model MF-PSML350-2, Bourns can now achieve a 3.5 A Ihold in an 0805 package.

The compact MF-PSML series uses Bourns’ freeXpansion™ design which increases the performance of the resettable fuse over conventional designs, with higher hold currents, higher voltage, improved resistance stability, and smaller footprints.

Bourns Multifuse MF-PSML SMD 0805 Low Ohmic Resettable Fuses


Features Applications
  • Small footprint size (0805) and low profile for space-constrained mobile applications
  • Ultra-low resistance
  • Symmetrical design
  • Surface mount packaging for automated assembly
  • RoHS compliant* and halogen free**

* RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC Jan. 27, 2003 including annex and RoHS Recast 2011/65/EU June 8, 2011.
** Bourns considers a product to be “halogen free” if (a) the Bromine (Br) content is 900 ppm or less; (b) the Chlorine (Cl) content is 900 ppm or less; and (c) the total Bromine (Br) and Chlorine (Cl) content is 1500 ppm or less.
“Bluetooth” is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

  • USB port protection - USB 2.0, 3.0 & OTG
  • HDMI 1.4 Source protection
  • PC motherboards - Plug & Play protection
  • Mobile phones - Battery & port protection
  • PDAs / digital cameras
  • Bluetooth® earphone power protection
  • Game console port protection
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