Bourns Miniature Resettable Series

Thermal cutoff devices model AA

Bourns is pleased to announce the release of the Model AA Series Miniature Resettable Thermal Cutoff (TCO) devices. The Model AA Series effectively delivers higher current overtemperature protection to make newer battery designs more reliable by controlling specified abnormal, excessive current virtually instantaneously.

The Bourns® Model AA Series offers as much as 37 % more current capacity compared to Bourns’ previously available miniature resettable TCOs and is capable of carrying 14 A at 60 °C. The Model AA Series delivers the lowest impedance/ resistance – a full 60 % lower than earlier generation Bourns® TCO devices.

Many designs that previously needed two miniature resettable thermal cutoff devices to provide ample higher capacity protection, now can be achieved through the use of a single Model AA device due to the innovative design and high precision metal process.


Bourns AA Series Miniature Resettable Thermal Cutoff Devices


Features Applications
  • Formerly KOMATSULITE a product
  • Miniature Thermal Cutoff (TCO) device
  • High current capacity, low impedance
  • Overtemperature and overcurrent protection for lithium polymer and prismatic cells
  • Controls abnormal, excessive current virtually instantaneously, up to rated limits
  • Wide range of temperature options
  • Notebook PCs
  • Tablet PCs
  • Smart phones
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