Bel Power Solutions VRPL & SRxL Series

VRPL and SRxL power block series

Power block series non-isolated DC-DC converter modules come in an SMD package and are available in a range of output voltages from 0.7 Vdc to 5.0 Vdc over a wide range of input voltages.


  • High power in a small footprint
  • Self-contained thermal management
  • Used with either digital or analogue controllers
  • High efficiency
  • Superior power density
  • Easily modified
Bel Power Solutions VRPL and SRxL Power Block Series
VRPL-06G1A0 8-14V 0.8-3.3V 6A 19.8W
SRPL-06G1A0 8-14V 0.8-3.3V 6A 19.8W
SRBB-20A1A0 7-13.2V 0.8-5.0V 20A 100W
VRPL-20G1A0 8-14V 0.8-3.3V 20A 66W
SRPL-20G1A0 8-14V 0.8-3.3V 20A 66W
SRBL-30A1A0 7-13.2V 0.8-5.0V 30A 150W
VRPL-30G1A0 8-14V 0.8-3.3V 30A 99W
SRPL-30G1A0 8-14V 0.8-3.3V 30A 99W
SRBL-60A1AC 8-13.2V 0.8-3.3V 60A 198W
SRBL-C3A1AC 8-13.2V 0.8-3.3V 130A 429W
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