Single vertical top entry connector

AVX introduces a new Single Vertical Top Entry Connector, designed to bridge the gap between inconsistent hand soldering of wires and costly 2-piece connector systems. It was developed specifically to support the high volume 18AWG wire applications used in power supply, LED driver and industrial control products where PCB space is limited. This new 9296 connector offers a robust single beam contact which securely captures and retains the wire in a 23% smaller package size.


AVX Single Vertical Top Entry Connector


Features Applications
  • Reduced PCB footprint
  • High spring performance with high fatigue and corrosion resistance
  • Designed to replace hand soldering of wires vertically onto a PCB
  • High strength single tine contact securely captures and holds wire in place
  • Voltage: 600VAC, Current: 8A
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +130°C
  • Wire be replaced if required up to 3 times
  • Cost competitive against conventional soldering method (reduces labour costs)
  • Industrial Machine Controls; power supplies, motors, drives, solenoids, sensors, fans, pumps, etc...
  • Commercial Buildings; controls, security, fire and sensors
  • Smart Grid; meters, breakers and panels
  • SSL/LED; drivers, fixtures, signage and streetlights
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