iMP series 750 1,500 Watt configurable AC-DC power supplies

Arteyn Embedded Technologies iMP series 750 – 1500 Watt configurable AC-DC power supplies are designed specifically to help today’s shortened design cycle timescales, narrow market windows and cost reduction goals. Fully digitally programmable, iMP series power supplies can be configured to precisely match application requirements, and re-configured to meet changes or new power requirements.

The case and individual modules within an iMP series power supply both feature microcontrollers to maximise control flexibility and all communications are handled via an I2C bus using the PMBus™ protocol. Set up and real-time monitoring are simply carried out using the accompanying control software.

The series’ modular design ensures engineers have maximum configuration flexibility with a choice of single, dual and triple output modules, six different power ratings and 25 different output voltages from 2 – 60 V. An optional power hold-up module is available to increase voltage sag ride-through time.

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Features   Applications
  • Full medical approval to EN6061-1 Type B
  • Intelligent I2C control monitoring of voltage, current and temperature
  • Six types of power module – including single, dual & triple output units
  • 25 standard output voltages, from 2 Vdc to 60 Vdc
  • Up to 1,500 watts & 21 separate outputs from one power supply
  • Optional SEMI F47-compliant power hold-up and Oring modules
  • Advanced PMBus™ digital monitoring & control functions
  • Programmable voltage, current limit, and inhibit/enable via I2C
  • Configurable current share on all outputs greater than 10A
  • Configurable signals & indicators
  • Configurable output up/down sequencing
  • Intelligent fans - speed control/fault status
  • Processor-controlled PFC input with active inrush protection
  • Optional extended power hold-up module
  • Voltage adjustment on all outputs - manual or via I2C
  • General industrial use
  • Medical and laboratory equipment
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Production and process control equipment
  • Military and aerospace systems
  • Data storage systems

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